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Why NAOEVO Become the Most Popular LED Headlight Bulb Manufacturer in America

Why NAOEVO Become the Most Popular LED Headlight Bulb Manufacturer in America

Every year, more and more automotive lighting companies in China start working with American customers to manufacture LED headlight bulbs. Buying LED headlight bulbs from Chinese manufacturers & suppliers has unrivaled advantages. It can be cheaper, even with import costs; you can find more and different styles, and you can also find OEM manufacturers to customize your own.


Regardless of having numerous LED car bulb brands in the market, NAOEVO has been outstanding over time in America. You probably wonder why NAOEVO has been so famous since it first got into the American market.


So, why NAOEVO become the Number 1 LED headlight bulb manufacturer in America? Let’s dig out deeply.


Persistently Producing High-Quality Products


NAOEVO has its in-house factory in Guangzhou, China. Founded in 2006, they have been offering the market an outstanding service in delivering premium LED headlight bulbs.


With the belief that product quality is always the priority, NAOEVO has introduced a series of advanced machines and recruited a group of talented and skillful QR teams to make every product meet the highest standards. Throughout every production process, such as coating, soldering, testing, aging and packaging, quality control, and manufacturing departments coordinate to ensure the status of the finished product meets their standard qualifications.


The quality of our LED headlight bulb showcase the art of high brightness, standard light beam pattern, outstanding design, and high durability. The products they produce promote uniqueness and hence, are the best hits in the American market since they engineer the bulb to suit customers’ expectations and unique tastes.


NAOEVO is proud to reach and carry out the IATF16949 and ISO 9001 standards. That’s why they have received countless positive reviews from customers around the world.


Providing the Best Wholesale Price

With the backup of our independent factory, NAOEVO can avoid a lot of management costs associated with outsourcing while keeping the bulbs at an unparalleled level. All of this translates into higher quality at a competitive wholesale price for you.


NAOEVO has 10,000 square meters factory located in Guangzhou. We know where to source the raw materials and how to control the production costs so as to provide our customers with more profit margin. NAOEVO offers a more cost-effective avenue, especially for businesses that manufacture customized products or large product volumes.


Even during the COVID 19 pandemic in order to protect the benefits of our partners. We are committed to providing customers with the most competitive prices. For this reason, NAOEVO has become the most popular LED headlight bulb manufacturer in America.


Best Custom Service


Aside from manufacturing LED headlight bulbs in our own auto lighting factory, NAOEVO also offers customization and design service to our clients. We provide a terrific range of customization options, including custom logos, packaging, light color, and product appearance.


NAOEVO has an established team with professional designers who can help you achieve any customization you are looking for with perfection. We have been engaged in the best custom LED headlight bulb business for over a decade and have helped lots of customers boost their brands with innovative designs.


Experience in Automotive Lighting

There are countless options out there when it comes to choosing LED headlight bulb manufacturers. However, it is intricate to choose a reputable and experienced manufacturer of LED headlight bulbs in America.


Established in the year of 2006, NAOEVO Lighting Company owns more than 16 years of experience in automotive LED lighting products in China, which can provide a top-notch experience to customers throughout the entire production journey.


NAOEVO team is made up of experts with more than ten years of LED headlight bulb experience. Our innovative design team has a strong ability to capture the American market trend and produce the current most popular products for our customers.


Besides, NAOEVO has more than a dozen technical R&D teams with an extensive experience and knowledge in the thermal system, optics, material science, mechanical structure, electronic hardware, and software. Our in-depth knowledge in auto lighting marketing helps our clients to get One-Stop solutions successfully.


A Variety of Product Options

What makes NAOEVO thrive in the American market is the innovation in new products. To satisfy different customers’ requirements, NAOEVO produces both high-power and low-power LED headlight bulbs with a unique look and meaningful design concept.


For instance, our ND is deemed to be the brightest LED headlight bulb in the market with a special spider design, which has become one of the most popular LED car light bulb in America. Moreover, the S4 LED headlight bulbs are designed in 3 color (white, warm white, yellow) and a flashing model, offering an excellent lighting performance in all extreme weather.


In addition to LED headlight bulbs, NAOEVO is expert in motorcycle LED light bulbs, exterior and interior LED bulbs, and LED light bars. Click here to learn more product information.


Distributor Perks

Our dedication to quality has ensured us a stamp of reliability in America. In addition, our business is expanding and growing rapidly in America, thanks to the exclusive benefits for our distributors. Today, we are proud to have our distributors in Venezuela, Honduras, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Mexico, Colombia, EI Salvador, and Panama, etc.


Becoming a distributor of NAOEVO, you will enjoy the following benefits:

🔥·Exclusive market protection
🔥·Innovative automotive lighting products
🔥·Low MOQ and fast shipment
🔥·Competitive wholesale prices and discounts
🔥·Free marketing support: banners, brochures, media promotion
🔥·Unparalleled customer service
🔥·Dedicated lifetime customer support


We wish to grow and achieve great new heights of success with you. We call out to all clients interested in venturing into the booming automotive lighting industry and to all business owners wishing to expand their business to become one of our distributors. Contact us to learn more information.

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