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Upgraded Canbus NP LED headlight 100W 12000LM | NAOEVO

Upgraded Canbus NP LED headlight 100W 12000LM | NAOEVO


More and more LED headlight bulb suppliers are accompanied by the problems that the LEDs are hard to fit or have a short lifespan or poor light beam pattern. Integrate all these problems, NAO’s latest product is here --- NP LED bulbs! A lot has been upgraded from NA including the brightness, size and heat dissipation.
NAOEVO is a LED headlight bulb manufacturer and supplier of high-end automotive lighting upgrades in China, product quality has always been our priority focus, that’s why we made NP headlight bulbs.


High Brightness

Compared with NA bulbs, NP has made a great upgrade in brightness. Adopted by 3pcs 72MIL flip chips, NP LED puts on an amazing output of 50W, 6000LM per bulb, much brighter than NA and the original halogen bulbs, absolutely perfect for looks and visibility.

Efficient Heat Dissipation

NAOEVO is a wholesale lighting supplier regarding durability as an important part of the LED. Equipped with a single copper heat pipe, a large area of aluminum and an 8500RPM high-speed mute fan, NP auto bulb achieves more effective heat dissipation than NA bulbs. Thanks to the single heat pipe and the copper substrate, these bulbs guide the heat from the chips faster and then deprive it with the help of aluminum and a high-speed mute fan. NP provides better heat dissipation for a longer lifespan over 30,000 hours.

Perfect Beam Pattern

Some LED bulb factories are likely to provide bulbs that have poor light beam pattern such as obvious dark spots and scattering. NAOEVO is dedicated to producing high-quality LED headlights conversion kits with standard light beam pattern for cars. NP bulbs offer a perfect 45°cutoff line on low beam and super focused light on high beam with no dark spot. NAO customized flip chips according to the filament position of halogen bulbs, making these bulbs produce the standard beam like halogen bulb, but brighter than that.


Canbus Design

When installing the bulbs, some car-lovers are confronted with the “error message” problem. NAOEVO, a professional manufacturer of automotive LED light, we are pleased to tell you that NP is the best LED bulb replacement for your vehicle. Offering a built-in Canbus driver, NP light kits are compatible with 99% of vehicles with error-free, no flashing, no radio interference, better reliability and safer driving. These bulbs make upgrading your car simpler, easier.



As one of the best LED car bulb suppliers in China. NAOEVO has been focused on producing high-quality light bulbs at a competitive price for 15 years, highly praised by thousands of distributors around the globe. Quality first is always our priority, that’s why we established a foothold in the market. LED light will be perfect with you to join!

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