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Quality 3 Color 4 Modes S4 Mini LED Headlight Kit | NAOEVO

Quality 3 Color 4 Modes S4 Mini LED Headlight Kit | NAOEVO


As LED Headlight Bulbs become well-accepted for replacement, to install a kind of LED that can perform well in all conditions is within the consideration of many car-lovers. If you’ve been troubled in seeing while driving at night on dimly lit roads or bad weather, don’t blame your eyesight---it may because of ineffective headlight bulbs. You may wonder “If there any LED headlight bulb suppliers that provide high brightness bulbs with different colors and models in 1 bulb?”


All of your anxiety end with our product NAOEVO S4 PRO Headlight Bulbs. Equipped with dual-color flip chip, S4 PRO provides 6500K White, 3000K Yellow and 4300K Warm White Light all in 1 bulb. These best bulbs will dramatically improve your visibility in darkness and ensure safer driving in extreme weather.



What Makes NAOEVO S4 PRO Different?

3 Color and 4 Models Design

Our S4 PRO LED Headlight conversion kits can change between 3 colors with 4 models. 3000K Yellow provides the same color as the original halogen lamp. 6500K White offers the same light as sunlight for safer night driving, 4300K Warm White is the penetrating power for all bad weather conditions. The flashing model can be used when facing emergency. Whether confronting darkness or facing bad weather, NAOEVO, a wholesale LED light for cars, will provide you the utmost quality and performance in any condition.


High Brightness

With 3 colors changing, S4 LED Bulb adopts Dual-Color Flip Chip, providing 30W 3600LM, 9-16V working Voltage for cars. S4 is 300% brighter than original halogen, providing brightness but not blind. The clearer you see, the faster you react, the safer you are.



Easy Installation, Compatible for 98% of Vehicles

Within 10 minutes of installation, S4 PRO LED Bulbs perfectly fit your housing and factory sockets without any modification, compatible with most vehicles.



Perfect beam pattern

Beam pattern is as important as brightness. Many LED factories provide inaccurate beam pattern which causes sharp glare. S4 PRO bulbs allow you to rotate 360° for better beam pattern. An accurate beam makes you see and be seen more clearly and comfortably without dazzling oncoming vehicles.



Extreme environment testing

 NAOEVO S4 PRO bulbs perform well on extreme environment testing in temperature ranging from -40°F to +221°F. With its waterproof design and integration of aluminum radiator and high-speed mute fan, S4 PRO expands its lifespan to 30,000 hours. S4 PRO bulbs are the best choice for your headlight bulb replacement, these bulbs will provide you with high quality and durability.



NAOEVO S4 PRO offers huge upgrades compared to the original halogen. As one of the best LED bulbs manufacturers, NAOEVO continua to offer high-end LED Bulbs which is contributed to its latest technology, creativity and understanding the needs of customers.

We can’t find if there are any other LED Bulbs that can assist you in all extreme bad weather like that more! So, why not give NAOEVO S4 PRO a shot today?


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