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Best and Brightest ND LED Light Bulb For Your Cars | NAOEVO

Best and Brightest ND LED Light Bulb For Your Cars | NAOEVO

 Are you still suffering from the dim halogen with constant replacement, or NOT satisfied with the brightness provided by your present LED bulbs? Some car-lovers complain that the original halogen bulbs are very dim and have a short lifespan so they have to replace the bulbs frequently, and some bulbs provided by LED light factories are not as bright as they advertised.


Concerning all these problems, we are pleased to introduce our newest product ND LED Bulbs for you! With a stylish “Spider” design on its bottom and a longer lifespan, ND Bulb helps you get rid of the dull halogen light and smashes the darkness with an excellent brightness of 70W, 8400LM per bulb!


Ultra-high Brightness

Most LEDs with high wattage and lumen tend to become dimmer when they turn on light for a while. The LED bulbs are not as bright as they advertised. Equipped with 6*60MIL large size flip chips, ND LED bulbs absolutely provide a high output of 70W, 8400LM, almost 7 times brighter than the original halogen. ND is the brightest bulb among NAOEVO LED series. The cool white light provided by ND is similar to the daylight, tremendously increasing your visibility.


NAOEVO is a quality LED light manufacturer that has tested over and over again on ND headlight bulbs which come out with ultra-high luminous efficiency. So if you want to change your dim halogen or replace your projector headlight bulb with a brighter one, ND light bulb is an excellent choice for you!

Unique “Spider” Design

ND LED bulb is impressed by its unique “Spider” inspiration design at its bottom. Spider design conveys the spirit of “infinite possibility of creation”. Just as NAO, the best LED headlight bulb distributor who is persisting in creating high-quality, reliable LED bulbs, making everything possible. Spider design also symbolizes imagination and wisdom. ND LED inspires you to create what you want in your mind and then manifest them in the real world. ND LED bulb, wisdom for choice.

Efficient Heat Dissipation

The ND bulbs coming with dual copper heat pipes combing 1.5MM double-sided copper substrate provide 3 times faster thermal efficiency than others LED headlight bulbs. The high-speed mute cooling fan and the large area of 6030 aluminum also contribute to efficient heat dissipation. Thanks to the technology of dual copper heat pipes and double-sided copper substrate, they conduct the heat faster from the chips to aluminum and then combine with a high-speed fan to achieve effective heat transmission up to 30,000 hours. The intelligent temperature control driver inside ND keeps the bulb working under a normal temperature. ND headlight kit ensures better heat dissipation, longer lifespan and zero bulb risk.

Perfect Beam Pattern

Some LED suppliers on the market show the light beam pattern that is not very bright or not focused and will create tons of glare at oncoming drivers. Therefore, choosing the LED bulbs with a perfect light beam pattern is quite necessary. That’s what ND has done. ND offers a farther and stronger light beam pattern with a perfect 45°cutoff line on low beam and super focused light on high beam. 360°rotatable retainer is suitable for adjusting different angles. With an excellent light beam pattern, ND provides you a brilliant cool white light with no dark area, no blind oncoming traffic. NAOEVO is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers in China. NAO ND is the car bulb that stands for high quality.




Canbus Design

ND LED headlight bulb works well with 99% of vehicles. Its canbus system provides plug and plug use with no error code, no flicking, no radio interference.



As a led headlight bulb manufacturer trusted by thousands of distributors around the globe, NAO integrates all advantages to continuous innovations and product performance. Everything you image is all upgraded to this bulb which is excellent enough to be called ND.

So try with ND bulb, you won’t get disappointed.

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